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Fitness GEEK Network

We Provide Branded Merchandise Solutions

Fitness GEEK Network is a one stop Centre premium printing agency that has the distinct vision to make ordering printing products easy and cost-effective, hereby helping businesses to develop. We practice various types of printing from silkscreen printing, heat press & digital printing.

We always strive to provide high quality products which will deliver maximum benefit to our clients. Under excellent, strong and dedicated leadership of the company's management team with the support from skilful and highly motivated staffs, we are moving forward in becoming a leading printing centre in Malaysia.

Fitness GEEK Network

We Provide Variety of Services

Wholesale Supplier

Product Development


  1. Our clients keep the total editorial control
  2. Full retail line development
  3. A dedicated Creative team that will work and assist our clients
  4. Your brand is our inspiration

Sourcing & Manufacturing

  1. Global, domestic and direct onsite facilities
  2. Private labelling
  3. Global and domestic partners
  4. High quality products with competitive price
  5. Global network of trusted vendors
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Support Engagement

Customer support, corporate & retail management

  1. Dedicated customer support
  2. Inbound and outbound customer service

Warehousing & Distribution

  1. Worldwide delivery, kitting, logistics, packaging and stock management
  2. Global distribution through multiple carriers
  3. Shipment packaging
  4. Logistics management for any scale of projects
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Technology Solutions

Online Solutions

  1. We have Secured platforms that protect customer data
  2. Promotions, discounts, group-based pricing, co-op, and etc
  3. Responsive platforms, user friendly for our clients

Custom Integration

  1. Inventory Management system
  2. Logistics/business management
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Revenue Enhancement


  1. Leveraging traditional and digital media to enhance sales growth
  2. Online Marketing (email, social media, SEO)
  3. Traditional marketing (direct email & catalogues)
  4. Plan development and custom marketing


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